Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A message to the FUTURE !

Hello guys ❤️ 
Hope you had great days recently ❤️ 
So,few weeks ago i was reading a book called ( أحببتك أكثر مما ينبغي) it wasn't the kind if books i would like , but i read it anyway. But in that book they mentioned a website called Future Me . On this website you would write a message to your future self and they would send it to you few years latter . 
I thought it would be cool to write that kind of a messages and writing in it what you think you would be doing five years latter , what you think you will be working at , where you'll be living and also write all your hopes and wishes for the future , what you imagine it would be like , would you still have the same people around you or something would happen . 
For me it seemed to be such a great idea , to see if i have achieved what i wished for in these five years , you could also write few advices to your future self . 
I wish you could give it a try because it would give you such a spirit to do things for your future and put your hopes up high , never under-estimate your self and your abilities . You can alway achieve your dreams if you only believed in them ❤️
 بكرا يا رفيقي رح نكون مبسوطين ..
بكرا يا رفيقي بلدنا رح ترجع أحلى بلد ..
بكرا رح نكون سوا ..
بكرا رح نعيش بأمان .. 
لك يا رفيقي بكرا رح نعمرها .. بكرا أنا.. وإنت .. وهداك يلي هنيك .. 
لا تنسى يا رفيقي بكرا قديش حيكون حلو ..
لا تروح خليك .. لا تستسلم .
خلي أملك ببكرا كبير ..
لأنو يا رفيقي هل بكرا مالو بعيد .. 
إي بكرا هداك رح يخطب هديك يلي وعدا .. 
بكرا هالعيلة .. راجعة على بيتا .. 
هداك.. بكرا رح يرجع لشغلو .. 
يا رفيقي لا تتركني مع آمآلي خليك معي .. 
يا رفيقي لا تروح .. ما بدي يجي هالبكرا و ما تشوفو .. 
لا تزعل يا رفيقي هلق لا تزعل .. لأنو بكرا جاية أكيد....

*Now please just go ahead and do that even if it seems to be lame , but five years from now you would be thankful you did write one , try your best to achieve what you hoped for in that message ❤️ 
Future me website link: 

*make sure you put the deliver on date to  2020 ❤️

Monday, April 27, 2015

A friend for LIFE ❤️

People come in and out of our lives all the time , and we deal with all kinds of them ; the mean , the funny , the rude ,the lovely caring ones and so on ..
But there is a time in our life when we meet someone great by accident and they turn out to be a must keep friend! 
The Kind of a friend we had searched for  over and over before ; the good , understanding , funny , crazy , nice , sweet , caring kind of a friend that you can share all your secrets with easily knowing that they would keep them safe for you .
Most of the time these people are the ones you have never expected to be friends with or even you used to hate ! Haha right? 
This kind of a friend you must just hold on to them and never ever let go . 
They are the ones who are there with you when no one else is , they are the people who believe in your  possibilities and you know they will be there for a life time. 
These people deserves to be thanked and praying for god to keep them safe for you . 
If you got a friend like that just hold on to and never let go , cause they are the only people who are worth being there for .
To these people i say thank you from the   bottom of my heart cause you make the world a better place for us to live . ( make sure you are that kind of friend everyone ❤️) 

هِيَ .. تلك الصديقة التي وقفت بجانب الجميع .. وساندتهم .. ورحلوا من بعدها 
هي من اضحكت من حولها و ادخلت البهجة إلى قلوبهم .. رغم جميع المآسي المدفونة في داخلها .. 
هِيَ التي استمعت للجميع لكن لم يقف الجميع ليستمع اليها .. 
هي تلك الصديقةُ الخدومةُ الوفيةُ الحنونةُ المبهجةُ و كل تلك الصفاتُ الخارجيّة 
فلتقفوا جميعاً و لِتشكروها حتى وان لم تطلب منكم ذلك .. 
فهي أيضاً إنسانةٌ موجوعةٌ متألمةٌ ذات مشاعر داخليّة 
فشكراً لكِ أيتها الصديقةُ ..
ولينحني الكون إمتناناً لهذا النوع من الأصدقاء ..
At the end i wanted to say thank you to my best friend for never giving up on me even through the shitty things that have happened , with out you i would have been so damn lost  and i wouldn't have had all the great times we had , i love you and i miss you so damn much ❤️ 
         ~ You are a truly A Friend For Life ! 
*hope you liked it and as always if you got some advices , ideas , or anything just go ahead and tell me in a comment ❤️ 
Also share your opinion with me whether liked it or hated it ❤️ 
                    Much love ❤️

Saturday, April 25, 2015

No comment!

So after things gotten worse in Syria as you know ! My uni ( AIU) decided to move in to Damascus .. 
They didn't manage to find a good place for us . 
We take exams finals and midterms in this place - in the picture below - it is a damn hell of a place it is soo freezing in there and so on .. 
Despite everything is going on in our country we still manage to wake up get dressed put on a smile and go to our schools , uni , work... 
Everyday we hope to get back home safe and try not to die on road .. We pretty much managed to get used to it .. ( as we claim ) 
We got used to bombs , people walking on the streets with guns , fear of being kidnapped and so on .. 
On November 23rd of 2014 i had an exam and while am going through it .. A gun shots sound starts , it scared the shit out of us ! 
If you look at the photo below you notice that the roof is some kind of a glass - which scared me even more- the sound was so close it felt like it was a war just out the doors ! 
On that day i can't even describe the feelings i felt and everyone there faces ! 
When i came back home i was so thankful i came back safe and i managed to write this: 
ذات مومنت لما تكون قاعد عم تقدم فحص و فجأة بيطلع صوت تفجير و بعدو تقويص كتير و بترتعب و بتسمع صوت المراقب عم يقول ما تخافو مافي شي .. 
انو انت هلا طمنتنا ؟ 
شو عرفنا هي القذيفة وين نزلت و ببيت مين و مين اخدت معا 
لك حااااج .. ما مليتو؟ 
ايمتا حتملو و تريحو هل شعب 
لك بتمشي بالشارع ما بتلاقي زلمة مبسوط 
حتى اللولاد صارت لعبتون ( يا حزرك هاد صوت شو ..؟ ) 
ما بقي حدا ما رحلو شي 
شو عم نستفيد هلأ نحنا لما عم نقتل بعض 
لما عم نهدم بلدنا .. 
لما عم نصير مسخرة الشعوب و البلدان و الشاطر يلي بدو يقتلنا .. 
مَتلك اخ؟ غيرك متلو اب
اعتقلو ابوك؟ غيرك راحت عيلتو كلا بقذيفة  
راحتلك سيارة؟ غيرك صار بالخيمة 
لك بتمشي بالشارع الناس ما عادت فرقت معا ان متنا ولا ما متنا 
بتطلع عل سما يا ترا حتصلني منا رصاصة؟ 
يا ترا حيجي يوم و يصير دوري قبل ما تخلص هل ازمة؟ 
الناس عايشة بس عم تستنا دورا 
الله يفرج احسن شي 
الله يحمي الكل 
و بعيد الشر عن الكل ❤️ 
الله يحميكي سوريا و يخليلنا ياكي ❤️
                        Enjoy !❤️
P.s: sorry for being so dramatic but its our life you know .. That is just what happen ! 
also if you have some advices for me just comment down below and i will try to make it better inshaallah , if you also find some mistakes just go ahead and warn me about them and i would be so grateful .. THANK YOU❤️MUCH LOVE ❤️

Friday, April 24, 2015

Back to the time we had a LIFE !

Looking back to 4 years before now ! When everything was great .. Life seemed to be fine everyone was happy ! 
How could we ruin everything without even noticing .
We grew so much hate in our hearts , until we stopped feeling nothing but hate! We hated each other we hated our country , and we stopped caring about it all ! 

لك شو بدي إحكيلك لإحكيلك عن هل بلد يا رفيقي 
خربانة و الله خربانة يا رفيقي 
إي إي هي سوريا 
لك البلد يلي كل ناس بتحسدنا عليه و بتحبو خرب ..
الحقد عبّا قلوب الناس 
دمار .. موت .. حزن .. 
الفرح تركنا و راح من زمان 
شكلو مل منّا .. معقول؟ 
الموت بكل مكان لك فيني فكرلك بميت طريقة عم نموت فيا .. 
بكرا بس يخلص كلشي يا رفيقي لا تجي .. لا ترجع 
مو مشان شي بس مشان ما تشوف سوريا البلد يلي خسرت حبابك مشانا هيك صارت !! 

What the hell am i doing here?

So am not really sure what am doing over here blogging ..
I wasn't even planning to start a blog ! But my best friend had told me to start one over than million times .. So am giving it a try 😊
I am a pharmacist to be living in syria and i have been wasting air since almost 19 years ❤️
Now! What am i going to blog about right?
Well we all have these scattered pieces of words inside of our minds but each and every one of us arrange them differently .. And it seems like am good at arranging things! 
I have always dreamed about writing a book or something .. So i guess this is a step up closer for that dream ! 
I write all different kind of thing but most of them are arabic stuff so yeah ..
P.s: I have no idea what am i DOING!