Monday, April 27, 2015

A friend for LIFE ❤️

People come in and out of our lives all the time , and we deal with all kinds of them ; the mean , the funny , the rude ,the lovely caring ones and so on ..
But there is a time in our life when we meet someone great by accident and they turn out to be a must keep friend! 
The Kind of a friend we had searched for  over and over before ; the good , understanding , funny , crazy , nice , sweet , caring kind of a friend that you can share all your secrets with easily knowing that they would keep them safe for you .
Most of the time these people are the ones you have never expected to be friends with or even you used to hate ! Haha right? 
This kind of a friend you must just hold on to them and never ever let go . 
They are the ones who are there with you when no one else is , they are the people who believe in your  possibilities and you know they will be there for a life time. 
These people deserves to be thanked and praying for god to keep them safe for you . 
If you got a friend like that just hold on to and never let go , cause they are the only people who are worth being there for .
To these people i say thank you from the   bottom of my heart cause you make the world a better place for us to live . ( make sure you are that kind of friend everyone ❤️) 

هِيَ .. تلك الصديقة التي وقفت بجانب الجميع .. وساندتهم .. ورحلوا من بعدها 
هي من اضحكت من حولها و ادخلت البهجة إلى قلوبهم .. رغم جميع المآسي المدفونة في داخلها .. 
هِيَ التي استمعت للجميع لكن لم يقف الجميع ليستمع اليها .. 
هي تلك الصديقةُ الخدومةُ الوفيةُ الحنونةُ المبهجةُ و كل تلك الصفاتُ الخارجيّة 
فلتقفوا جميعاً و لِتشكروها حتى وان لم تطلب منكم ذلك .. 
فهي أيضاً إنسانةٌ موجوعةٌ متألمةٌ ذات مشاعر داخليّة 
فشكراً لكِ أيتها الصديقةُ ..
ولينحني الكون إمتناناً لهذا النوع من الأصدقاء ..
At the end i wanted to say thank you to my best friend for never giving up on me even through the shitty things that have happened , with out you i would have been so damn lost  and i wouldn't have had all the great times we had , i love you and i miss you so damn much ❤️ 
         ~ You are a truly A Friend For Life ! 
*hope you liked it and as always if you got some advices , ideas , or anything just go ahead and tell me in a comment ❤️ 
Also share your opinion with me whether liked it or hated it ❤️ 
                    Much love ❤️


Ahmed Nasser said...

I really enjoyed your writings's so sad for anyone to live like that. but as we say its allah choice and we have to accept it by saying al7amdullah and isa allah will help this full of peace and love country (SYRIA) ♥

Kamar Sh said...

Thank you so much ❤️❤️ w nshalla ya rabb ❤️