Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A message to the FUTURE !

Hello guys ❤️ 
Hope you had great days recently ❤️ 
So,few weeks ago i was reading a book called ( أحببتك أكثر مما ينبغي) it wasn't the kind if books i would like , but i read it anyway. But in that book they mentioned a website called Future Me . On this website you would write a message to your future self and they would send it to you few years latter . 
I thought it would be cool to write that kind of a messages and writing in it what you think you would be doing five years latter , what you think you will be working at , where you'll be living and also write all your hopes and wishes for the future , what you imagine it would be like , would you still have the same people around you or something would happen . 
For me it seemed to be such a great idea , to see if i have achieved what i wished for in these five years , you could also write few advices to your future self . 
I wish you could give it a try because it would give you such a spirit to do things for your future and put your hopes up high , never under-estimate your self and your abilities . You can alway achieve your dreams if you only believed in them ❤️
 بكرا يا رفيقي رح نكون مبسوطين ..
بكرا يا رفيقي بلدنا رح ترجع أحلى بلد ..
بكرا رح نكون سوا ..
بكرا رح نعيش بأمان .. 
لك يا رفيقي بكرا رح نعمرها .. بكرا أنا.. وإنت .. وهداك يلي هنيك .. 
لا تنسى يا رفيقي بكرا قديش حيكون حلو ..
لا تروح خليك .. لا تستسلم .
خلي أملك ببكرا كبير ..
لأنو يا رفيقي هل بكرا مالو بعيد .. 
إي بكرا هداك رح يخطب هديك يلي وعدا .. 
بكرا هالعيلة .. راجعة على بيتا .. 
هداك.. بكرا رح يرجع لشغلو .. 
يا رفيقي لا تتركني مع آمآلي خليك معي .. 
يا رفيقي لا تروح .. ما بدي يجي هالبكرا و ما تشوفو .. 
لا تزعل يا رفيقي هلق لا تزعل .. لأنو بكرا جاية أكيد....

*Now please just go ahead and do that even if it seems to be lame , but five years from now you would be thankful you did write one , try your best to achieve what you hoped for in that message ❤️ 
Future me website link: 

*make sure you put the deliver on date to  2020 ❤️

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