Monday, April 2, 2018

Two years later...

Two years later..
Even though time have passed but nothing really have changed..
Still hearing mortars, rockets and bullets and wondering whom they are taking next.
All kinds of ups and downs have passed on , leaving us thinking how fast time goes by and how many stuff  we imagine would never pass on or happen have truly did without even noticing.

Thought we would be used to it by now but it seems like it is forever hard to, because every time anything comes up forever reminding us how close death is and forever renewing our faith.

Two years have passed and still getting heartbroken every time we see a kid in the street trying to earn some money but always getting rejected.
Thought humanity would have made its way to people's hearts by now, but how far instead it became.

Living here started to make us feel like we are only waiting for our turn one by one leaving this life forever.

For all of you out there that might think we are used to it, and by it i mean "Death"  , "war", or call it whatever the way want,  i guess you should know that we are not and we will never be , in fact in my opinion i think it is not even something we could ever get used to it, we are only adapting to it , like how the body adapts to a chronic disease it doesn't mean he is okay but he has to adapt to it and live through it pretending nothing is wrong until his time have come to pass on life.

Its funny how things develops majorly within few weeks. Two days ago they've announced and celebrated the end of everything, they said that it has come to an end here in Damascus. 
So far until today we guess or at least hope for is true.
But we'll never know Until next time..
These two photos are real and the first one is on thursday while the second is on friday , like literally how much things can change in a single night!!

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