Saturday, August 13, 2016

Just not worth it..

It has been forever since i last posted anything, so i thought that it is about time to write something new especially there were alot of people asking me why I stopped and will i be writing anything soon ? My answer to all of them was just give me some time to clear my mind .. So yeah this is it , hope you enjoy it ❤️❤️


I remember one time a friend told me that there will be a time in my life that i am gonna lose a lot of people and in the same time others will replace their place in my heart , my friend told me that when that time happens not to be sad , i was surprised and said how can i not be sad if i am loosing the ones that I once have cared about? He said it would be for the best , because at the end my dear you will end up only with the people that truly care about you and only the good ones will stay . Now that i have been in that situation I understood that what he said is really true . I also remember one time i was sitting with my grandpa and he was telling me a story about his life when he was young and how he had to fight a lot of people to become the person he is now , suddenly he started to cry and said : life isn't worth it my dear . Sense then i have thought about it everyday and found out that life really isn't worth it , all drama , fights , and hurting people are just not worth it because in the end we are all gonna die alone and end up regretting everything we did and didn't do , and you only going to end up feeling bad about all the people you have hurt and wishing you haven't lost them for any reason , I don't know how these two subjects are connected to each other but i know that life isn't worth loosing people and living in regret for the rest of your life knowing that someone is hurt because of you or that you could have dealt with it in a better way , so forgive and forget because nothing is really worth it and only good people will stick with you till the end ... 

بتزكر مرة حدا قلي انو يا قمر حتمر فترة من حياتك يلي هية فترة عمر ال ٢٠ و ما حولها من سنوات ، حيجي ناس و يروح ناس حيتبدلو الأشخاص يلي بيعنولك على عدد شعرات راسك ، بس يا قمر ما تزعلي عهل ناس يلي حتروح حتى لو كانو رفقة عمر لأنو بالأخير ما رح يضل معك غير المنيح و عير يلي بيحبك عنجد مو مصلحة او لأي سبب من الأسباب ، انا اول شي استغربت انو كيف ما ازعل و انا عم اخسر ناس بس بالأخير اكتشفت انو فعلاً هالحكي صح كتير ناس جديدة عم تمر من حياتنا تستبدل ناس قديمة و كلو بالأخير عم يصير لسبب من الأسباب يلي حتغير حياتنا للأفضل ، بتزكر كمان جدي مرة قعد حكالي عن حياتو من زمان و كيف اتخانق مع ناس كتير لوصل لهل مكان جدي بعدين قعد يبكي و يقلي لك يا جدي هالحياة مو مستاهلة شي كلو رح يروح ، هلأ ما بعرف شو علاقة هالموقفين مع بعض بس عنجد بقيو علقانين بذاكرتي و كل يوم بفكر فيهن ، صح رح يروح ناس و يجي ناس بس بالأخير رح نموت و نبقا لحالنا و فعلاً رح تطلع هالحياة مو مستاهلة كل هل قد ، و الواحد لازم يستغل كل لحظة و يعيشها وهو مبسوط و الأهم و هو عرفان انو هو ما ظلم حدا بحياتو و هو عرفان انو مافي حدا رح يتم عتبان عليه معلش حتى لو هو غلطان بس الحياة أقصر من إنو نخسر ناس لأسباب تافه او نزعل حدا لأنو  عنجد الحياة مو مستاهلة ..