Thursday, June 4, 2015

How to get rid of your depression for ever in three easy ways !

" this post is going to be a little bit different than what i usually write about , but if you are waiting for the part 2 of the story , then hold on for 6 more days , because it is going to be pretty cool ^_^"
We all get depressed all the time , and it is totally okay , you must understand that being depressed is something totally normal , you are not some weird , sad , dramatic person for being depressed. 
There are some stuff all around us that put us down all the time . 
And you can't always fix your feelings with food and chocolate in fact it will make you feel even worse. 
before continue reading this post You must put this idea in  your mind:
If you are like me and you feel down all the time and your mood just changes so fast , and you keep thinking about everything all the time then you must give these ways a try . 
1- write it out ! 
This is probably the most effective way to get rid of your depression. 
 There is always these times when something mess us up and get us down and we keep thinking about them and saying :" what did i do wrong ? " or " why did this happen ?" or " why everything sucks ?" Etc..
Every time you ask your self this kind of questions , and you feel all down about something and you need it out of your mind , then go ahead and grab a piece of paper and a pen , or on your phone and write about it , write about everything that is making you sad , write like you are talking to the closest person you know , even if there is no one like that in your life then just create one . 
This way will improve your writing skills and will make you forget about everything that is making you sad. 
Believe it or not you will never think about if or get down because of it anymore . 
نحن نكتب لننسى ما قد آلمنا يوماً ، لندفن كل تلك الأشياء و نودعها في مقبرة أفكارنا ، في كتبنا .
2- talk it out ! 
Some times you need to hear your self talking about the problem in advance to find out a solution on your own and that it had always been there in front of you but you never noticed , and figure out how stupid you was for wasting your time on something like that .  
Also, sometimes you just need to discuss the problem with someone and share your feelings with and just to cheer you up ! 
But make sure you always talk about it with someone you are comfortable with and you trust , in advance not to feel sorry for yourself and feel stupid later that you have told them and regretting it . 
3- Cry it out! 
There are always these times when you just don't want to do anything and you are just too depressed and feeling down , and the things inside you are just to heavy to carry them inside you all the time and you just need them out , the solution for this is crying ! 
You must understand that : 
No matter how old you are , no matter how strong you think you are, and no matter what people think .
But not every time you feel depressed you can cry right? 
The solution for that is either thinking about more sad stuff or listening to sad music or watching a sad movie ( my favorite honestly and it works every time) . 
This way the movie or the thoughts , or music are going to put you in the mood for crying every thing out . 
You can never feel more relieved than the feeling you get when you cry . It is like carrying a rock inside your chest and you have pulled it out with your tears . 
A list of movies that always make me cry: 
- I am sam. 
-The fault in our stars . 
- Changeling . 
-You can also SING IT OUT , you know sometimes singing reliefs us and get all our negativity out .
Now , what about you ? Share with me three things you like to do when you are down ❤️

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