Saturday, May 9, 2015

New idea!!

Hello friends , 
I have come up with this amazing new idea for you , 
If you have written something and you wanted it to be shared you can now email it to me on : 
I would be happy to check it out and publish it for you on a new page called Your Creation❤️ 
  • - your post must be either arabic or english . 
  • - you should mention your name , country , and if you wanted any photos to be on the post . 
  • - it must contain good and proper content to be shared . 

If you think that this is a good idea please then go ahaid and email me some of your creations to start ahaid with this idea . 
Much love ❤️❤️
P.s: i am really sorry for not publishing the part 3 of the story yet , my finals are here and i am just too busy , i promise it won't take long ❤️ Remember : quality before quantity right? ❤️

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