About me

Hello friends, 
My name is kamar sharaf , i am from damascus Syria , i am 19 years old , studying to be a pharmacist  because i just love it and love the fact that i could help people . 
When i was a little girl i used to write on a small notebook , i used to write as if i am talking with my best friend who is living inside that notebook , i have always loved reading and felt like damn why can't i write something like that ? What do i need to do in advance to write a book ? I guess the answer was , Be Brave . 
" find what you are most afraid of and ... Go live there ! "
On april 24/2015 i have decided that i should really give the blog idea a try , my best friend always told me that i should do one , she was the only person who read what i wrote , she always gave me strength and self confidence , and to be honest i will never regret this , i am truly Loving It ❤️
I have always felt that i should do something in my life , i should do more , i have to be useful to this world , i have to feel like i am not only a passenger in this life , blogging helped me with this so far , i already feel better and love everything you guys say and i am so grateful for your support ❤️
The idea to my blog is that we all have those scattered words inside of us that needs to be arranged and gotten out , and i guess i am good at arranging things out . 
My blog may not be that good and it is simple , but it is just great for me and i hope i could keep going forward and getting better , i did not study arabic literature neither english , but i just do it because i love it . 
The idea of writing my posts in both arabic and english languages came from no where , i just did it , and it is not only translation so if you know both , i suggest you start reading both . ❤️
Thank you so much for everything and i will always love to get your suggestions and ideas , or even if you got some advices for me you are always welcomed then ❤️ 
Much love and don't forget to follow my blog ❤️

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